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Highland Pipe Socks $49 – Protect valuable drones from getting dinged or chipped while in your pipe case. Protect your investment. Black or Leopard.

Highland Bagpipe Socks are made of 16 oz. Sweatshirt Fleece, with hook/loop and drawstring fastening system. They come as a six piece set: bass top drone sock, bass bottom drone sock with drawstring, blow pipe bag with drawstring, chanter bag with drawstring, and two tenor drone socks.

Chanter bags are long and wide enough to accommodate a chanter with a 3 ½ inch sole and reed protector attached. Chanter bags can be purchased separately.

These socks are designed so that they can be put on your pipes after the bass drone is separated. They are also designed so that you don’t need to take off the drone cords off.

Piper's Pal Reed Case $45 - Moisture is critical to the performance of cane reeds. Too much moisture results in mildew formation on the reed, while too little results in loose bindings, open sides and split cane. Ideally, you would store your reeds under conditions that maintain enough moisture that they can be restored to playing condition quickly, but not moist enough to result in mildew.

This is what the Piper’s Pal Reed Case does. There are two trays, one absorbs moisture and the other provides moisture in just the right amounts. Dry reeds placed in Piper’s Pal will be restored to optimum moisture content in about 24 hours, and will remain that way until they are removed and the moisture tray has not been allowed to dry out.

The reeds in the photograph are not included.

Korg TM-40 tuner/Metronome Korg TM-40 tuner/Metronome $38 - Essentially this is the CA-30 tuner and MA-30 metronome combined into one compact instrument. The tuner and metronome can be operated simultaneously. Specifications
KORG Tuner CA-30 KORG Tuner CA-30 $30 - Don't depend on your ear when you and your band can be dead on with a tuner. Specifications
KORG Metronome KORG Metronome MA-30 $30 Know the beat. Start slow and work up. Specifications
Essential Tunes Book

Essential Tunes 1 for the piper - From The College of Piping $30
Music for every occasion with guidance on how to play it, CD included. These are 53 classics for everybody. Contents

Essential Tunes 2 for the piper - From The College of Piping $30
CD included

Purchase both for $55.00

Gifts for $25 or less

The Ultimate Kilt Hanger - $25

Drone Bumper - $7

No rattle no roll. Made from a high return foam material which provides for easy drone installation. Separates the drone to avoid possible bumping together with the mount.

Pipers wrench - $1.50

A rubberized, textured, thin 5" disk for getting a firm grip on those slippery jammed pipes parts like a chanter or drone. Will not harm surface. One size fits all. Fits in any pipe box or picket.

Great stocking stuffers for the entire band.


bagpipes BGrip SheersBGrip Bagpipe Cover Grip Patch
Double Patch Kit for both sides of the bag cover - $21.50
Single Patch Kit for one side of the bag $15.50
Each patch is 5.4" by 8". The kit includes an instruction sheet and a decal.
BGrip is the first gripper patch specially engineered for the bagpipe. The patch reduces the slipping of your bagpipe cover while applying pressure. It will release instantly when you remove lateral pressure making cut offs easy and precise. See BGrip applied to the bagpipes on the left.

Reed Cover/Chanter Cap - $12/each
Feature designed to control reed moisture after use. Open-air flow cap will dry the reed quick. Close the cap will keep in moisture.

Six color options with high quality machining which make the moisture options of open/close a breeze to use.

Piping Hot!: Tales of a Wandering Bagpiper, paperback. - $17
Join the zany adventures and crazy gigs of Susan Hadley Planck as she mixes the culture of Scottish music with those of China, Japan, and Chile, all with a twist of humor that ties them together. What was it like to play bagpipes to Chinese performing the martial art of Tai Chi? Or on the Great Wall of China? The top of Fujiyama in Japan? At the base of Mt. Fitzroy in South America? Or to compete throughout the United States and in Scotland with her band?



Airtight Bag Seasoning for Hide Bags from R.G. Hardie, 250 ML. - $18
Sonic II Ear Plugs - $15
It is a good idea to take precautions to protect your hearing in the practice hall or on the field. These musicians earplugs are perfect for both pipers and drummers. Sonic IIs reduce the volume of all sounds evenly, so you can still hear your playing just as you normally would (only quieter). Keeping the higher frequencies keeps the articulation and clarity, unlike foam earplugs. They're also comfortable enough to keep in for a long rehearsal and are reusable. Recommended by musicians. Includes carrying case.
Baseball Cap Bagpipe Baseball Cap - $18
Black, fully adjustable, cap with the gold colored bagpipe logo.
Simple Kilt Pin - $2.90

Music Stand (fold up) with nylon case - $15
A simple necessity for any musician.

Chanter Sleeve, will it work for both practice and pipe chanters? - $16
Don't just throw your chanter into your pipe case, sleeve it first. Chanter sleeves are long and wide enough to accommodate a chanter with a 3 ½ inch sole and reed protector attached.

Tin Bagpipe Sign, 12" x 12", $15 - Let your friends and neighbors know that you play and/or support bagpipe music and pipers.
Music Book Privy Piping $10 - A most curious collection of tunes arranged for the highland bagpipe. This is a 'must have' if you play for school children.
Music Book Santa's Tunes for the Bagpipes $15 - A wonderful collection of holiday favorites.
silver cloth

Bagpipe Silver Cloth $5

For polishing silver and silver plate. Bagpipe Silver Cloth will bring back the sparkle back to you precious bagpipes and make them shine like new.

  Real Natural Hemp 1.5 oz roll $5
Real old fashioned traditional hemp, not cotton.
Bagpipe Lapel Pin $5 - Black and yellow lapel pin with the bagpipe logo.
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