L & M News Release - 11/18/05

The Scotian

L&M Highland Outfitters is proud to announce the most technologically advanced leather pipe bag in the world. Continuing the 40 years experience and tradition of L&M, as the world leader in hide pipe bags, we have researched and developed the winning combination:

The world renowned and trusted L&M Leather Pipe Bag now with a Zipper!

Technological Advancement Features:

The sealing technology used to install the zipper and to seal the main seam around the bag is the most advanced available, assuring airtightness. Leather tanned to strict L&M specifications T-Zips are the most respected airtight and waterproof zipper available in the market.

Design Advantages:

Our ergonomically designed neck is manufactured for maximum comfort, efficiency, and ease of play.
The ability to get into our leather bag means “after market products” can be installed.
From a hygienic standpoint, the bag can be cleaned, reducing potential health risks.
The feel and function of a leather bag while providing unlimited expansion to 3rd party enhancements.

Stock Sizes:

Small (Hot Dog) 9 ½” X 29”
Medium 10 ¼” X 28”
Large 11” X 28 ½”
Extra Large 11 ¾” X 29”


Once your bag is tied in to your stocks, your new “L&M Scotian Pipe Bag” will be ready to play, no further treatment is necessary to start enjoying the benefits of the Scotian.

Our “Scotian Pipe Bags” are guaranteed airtight and are pressure tested before they leave our plant. All bags are proofed at a pressure far exceeding normal playing conditions.

There is no longer a requirement to season in the traditional fashion. The L&M Scotian is permanently sealed using the latest sealant technologies, while maintaining the pleasing appearance of a stitched pipe bag.

The inside of a pipe bag can be a harsh environment and as a result occasional maintenance will be required to maintain maximum performance. Over time, leather dries and looses its natural oils. Using Scotian Conditioner and Scotian Sealant will maximize and maintain the performance of your valued pipe bag. The use of traditional bagpipe seasoning is no longer required for this new innovative product.

Since 1966


L&M in Motion . . . . The Scotian

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