David Naill, authorized dealer (one of only three in the United States), McCallum and now representing R. G. Hardie & Co. , including Peter Henderson Bagpipes. We custom fit all our bagpipe sets to your specifications, size and needs. As a David Naill authorized dealer we can offer faster delivery and the full line.

Be sure to visit the McCallum Clasp Collection of deluxe mounted bagpipes. We can get them for you.

Full Restoration and Repair Shop -

          We most likely can fix it.

We are able to deal with most repairs, full tie-in service, upgrades and customization in our own shop. Call us first before you throw away the parts. You would be surprised what we have been able to save. Remember to squat down going through doorways while playing your pipes, but if you don't, we can fix it.

Catlin Conversions/ Ivory substitute - Tired of orange. Do you have a great set of pipes but they were made during the age of catlin? Our shop is able to do a conversion. We are able to replace you catlin with Modern Imitation ivory, a rich light cream color, Mopani wood or Alaskan moose antler (renewable resource) which has a beautiful natural grain.

See illustrations.

Call for a quote 415-452-4220

Vintage Bagpipes

We always have a selection of vintage bagpipes fully restored, available for purchase. Call to discuss selection.

   Piper's Gift Page

Visit our Gift Page for great selection of gifts for the piper all priced under $50.

Saddle Leather Sporrans

The Ultimate Kilt Hanager

Our exclusive Piper's "Steady Blow" Manometer, new design, price reduction.

The Northern Lights Collection on sale

Bagpipe Music Books and Multi Media Sale

We now have Real Traditional Natural Hemp, 1.5 oz roll for $10.00
and Real Black Wax, $5.00

More of Our Products

New Item

  • Gift Certificates, always a winner
  • Small Pipes and Shuttle Pipes from John Walsh
  • Blackwood and Polypenco Chanters - Naill, McCallum and C.E. Kron
  • Practice Chanters, blackwood and polypenco
  • Ergonomic Fitting of Pipe Bags, Ross, Bannatyne, Canmore & Gannaway, Begg sheep skin.

Canning Drone Reeds at $120.00/set. Canning Drone Reeds generate the richest harmonics ever to be created from synthetic reeds.

MG Drone Reeds - $90
A sound partnership between Rory Grossart and McCallum Bagpipes. More

Other Drone Reeds
Ezeedrone, Balance Tone, Kinnard & Selbie


Practice Chanter Reeds
John Walsh $9.00
Eric Lyken $9.00

Pipe Chanter Reeds
Andrew Ross - $18
Percision sound - $18


Bagpipe Skin Kyloe Case


The Moose has arrived! We are a distrubutor for the famous Moose Bag.

Willie McCallum Solo Pipe Chanter McC2 = Gold
The chanter was designed and is played by one of the world's most highly decorated soloists, Willie McCallum
Black Wood - $330
Polypenco - $190

HBT2 & HBT3 - Blair, Highland Bagpipe Tuners







Lynne Miller

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